The Plymouth Rotary Club’s 2013 Rotary Roast featuring Todd Neils, Market President, Bank First National, was a fund raising success. The event was attended by 160 people and raised more than $8,000 with a portion dedicated to Plymouth Rotary Club community projects. Such projects have included support for Rotary Park, Plymouth Mill Pond Lake Association, The Welcome Table, Plymouth School District, Plymouth Arts Foundation, Plymouth Intergenerational Center, Plymouth Police Department, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and may more organizations throughout the years.



“We certainly thank Todd Neils, as the roastee, the roasters Karri, Tanner and Kollin Neils, Jeff and Amanda Neils, Dean Blanke and Scott Richards and the Master of Ceremonies Karri Neils, for making this event such a wonderful success,” stated, Don Pohlman, Plymouth Rotary Club President.


Corporate table sponsors for the event included: Bank First National, Sargento, Van Horn Automotive Group, Veritas Financial Services, IQ Print and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.  Additional support for the event came from many silent auction donors.  


The Plymouth Rotary Roast is an annual event and the Plymouth Rotary Club welcomes nominations for a 2014 roastee. 


In honor of Neils’ support of the 2013 Plymouth Rotary Roast and his overall contribution to the community, the Plymouth Rotary Club presented him with an Honorary Paul Harris Fellow framed commemorative certificate and pin.  Paul Harris was the founder of Rotary. Paul Harris Fellows are recognized for a $1,000 or more contribution to the Rotary International Fund. This honorary award to Neils was made possible through donations from Rotarians Clark Reinke, Karen White and Margaret Wittkopp.